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Water Damage Restoration Palo Alto CA

H&L Restoration is the leading provider of water damage restoration in Palo Alto. We are licensed, insured and possess esteemed certifications including the IIRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We’re also one of the most experienced water removal companies operating in Palo Alto with 500+ customers serviced each year in Santa Clara County! We are also very versatile, capable of handling all size jobs. Whether you have fallen victim to a leaking dishwasher or overflowing toilet; or a larger scale problem such as a whole home flood or water heater malfunction, we have a solution that is right for you!

Do I Really Need to Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company?

The simple answer is yes. Whether you’re dealing with a large or small flood in your home or business, contacting a water damage company is always the safest and best bet. One reason for this is hidden moisture. It is all too common for homeowners and business owners alike to address their own flooding situations on their own, only to call us out days or weeks later due to odd smells, warped walls, baseboards and floors and/or visible mold growth. These costly repairs can almost always have been avoided if the proper restoration procedures were taken from the start. Water that can not be seen by the naked eye must always be addressed, dried and dehumidified to prevent extensive damage and costly repairs. This takes specialized equipment that only a water damage company will possess.

What is the Process for Water Damage Restoration?

Below you will find a step by step outline of our water damage restoration process from beginning to end. It will tell you what to expect throughout the remediation process. Any questions you have can also be answered by calling us directly at (408) 645-5958! Remember that calls and estimates are always 100% Free!

Comprehensive Water Damage Assessment.  Before the water removal process can begin we must first document any and all damages that have occurred as a result of the flooding. This will provide you with a clear record of all items that have been damaged for your insurer. Once that is complete we will begin the estimation process. This process will outline all costs for the water extraction, remediation and dry out and dehumidification. It will serve as our water damage restoration protocol. We do all of this 100% free of charge before you even decide if you want to hire us. We know how trying this time is for you and really do believe in putting you first!


Pack Up & Preserve Belongings. Next up we will perform a quick and careful pack up of items that have been damaged. These items can be worked on to be recovered off site. Items deemed irreparable will be identified and trashed with the permission of the customer.  All items affected by water will be catalogued and included in the insurance report for compensation.



Moisture Reading & Assessment.  This step is where the pros are really needed. We will use specialized equipment to find moisture that is not visible to the naked eye. Whether it is hiding inside walls, behind dry wall, beneath flooring and baseboards, or any inside or under any other surface, we will find it! Most importantly we will find it without having to rip up flooring, cut into dry wall, remove baseboards or perform other destructive and costly damages! Simply put, we will find all of the moisture and we will save you money!


Water Removal.  Depending on the specific situation, surface of affected areas and a few other factors we will make a determination on the best, most effective way to remove all standing water from your home or business. We will extract the water fast thus reducing contact time and additional damage!



Structural Dry-Out & Dehumidification. This is where the equipment gets to work for us. We will use specialized drying and dehumidifying equipment to remove any residual moisture that the extraction process leaves behind. The machines can run on their own and do not need an operator. This means we can leave them on site for 1-3 days depending on the severity of the damage and you only pay a small rental fee. This also means you can begin to get back to normal without having a crew of water damage experts inside your home for longer than is necessary.

Why Choose H&L Water Damage Restoration?

At H&L Water Damage Restoration and Water Extraction in Palo Alto CA we know that the first and most important thing to do when faced with a flood crisis is to have the water removed by a company you can trust. To learn more about H&L you can read our Yelp Reviews Here. Our Yelp profile is filled with customers who have turned to us when they needed to most and have been thrilled with the level of service they received.

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 We Provide a full range of property damage restoration services including but not limited to:

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    Know What Your Options Are

    The water removal and restoration process can begin BEFORE an insurance claim is filed.

    insurance-claim-formAlthough your insurance company should be contacted in a timely manner, an open claim is NOT required to begin the process of removing water and preventing water damage from your property. As a home or business owner your #1 priority should always be to call a professional water damage restoration company. We will be able to jump into action right away to removed water and mitigate losses.

    H&L Water Damage Restoration works on the Xactimate system. It is the largest and most widely used software in the industry and insurance companies prefer it over other estimation processes. This means that we can work seamlessly with your adjuster




    We can and will work directly with your insurer to handle the billing & payment.

    bill-directOne point of relief for nearly every home and business owner we deal with is that 99% of the time, water damage is covered by their insurance policies. This means they can focus on the most important thing which is drying out their property and limiting damage! Here at H&L we will work directly with your insurer to collect payment. This is because we NEVER overcharge for services rendered and often times have claims paid very quickly. We will take it upon ourselves to be in constant communication with your adjuster throughout the entire process. Making sure to keep you from being caught in the middle!