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Water Damage Restoration Campbell CA

When you are faced with water damage as a result of flooding in your home or business, speed, experience and efficiency matter! Whether the flooding is from a seemingly small source like a leaking dishwasher or clothes washing machine, or a larger scale flood from a natural disaster or water heater malfunction; it should be approached in much the same way. If you are currently facing flooding in your home or business and are in need of water damage restoration in Campbell Ca you’ve come to the right place!

H&L is the leading water damage restoration company serving Campbell and the entire Santa Clara County. We are fully licensed, insured, & certified to provide restoration services throughout the state! With over 1,000 water extraction and restoration jobs performed to date we have the experience and know how to address all types of water damage both big and small, residential and commercial.

Flooding can very quickly lead to water damage that can cost thousands to repair. One of the leading causes of extensive damage after a flood situation is improper water extraction procedures. Most home and business owners believe that once they’ve removed the water that is visible to the naked eye, that the job is done. This leads to left over moisture that rots drywall, warps tiles and wood flooring, and ultimately leads to dangerous mold growth requiring mold removal service. All ballooning costs of the restoration process!

Here is our water damage restoration process looks like at H&L:

Complete Water Damage Assessment.  The very first thing we do upon arrival is thoroughly document all damages. This is for your protection. It will allow you to have a clear record of all losses for your insurance provider. Once documentation is complete we construct a comprehensive outline to follow. This will serve as our water damage restoration protocol.  The protocol will allow us to provide you with a Free No-Obligation Estimate to perform the water extraction and water damage restoration services.


Pack & Preserve. The next task we perform is a quick and careful packing of your homes personal items. Both affected items and unaffected will be packed and moved to ensure no further damage occurs.



Moisture Reading & Assessment.  This is where our state of the art equipment comes into play. We have a special device that will allow the us to locate any moisture that may not be visible to the human eye. No matter if that residual moisture is hiding in walls, floors, baseboards, or any other surface, we will be able to locate it quickly. Most importantly, we can locate it without ripping up flooring, cutting into drywall, and removing baseboards!


Water Extraction.  Depending on the severity of the flooding we will use one or multiple pieces of equipment specifically designed to extract water from carpet and floors. We will systematically remove all visible water to reduce contact time and allow for the next part of the process.



Structural Dry-Out & Dehumidification. One of the last pieces of the process is structural dry-out and dehumidification. Our dehumidifiers will dry out any water that may have escaped the extraction process. Next we use high-powered drying equipment that can dry-out any remaining moisture. This can take from 1-3 days to become 100% effective but don’t worry, we don’t even have to be there for them to work.

Why Choose H&L Water Damage Restoration?

Here at H&L we understand that for any business or homeowner the most important thing when faced with a flood crisis is locating the right company to perform your water damage restoration service. Campbell has several companies that all perform these services but very few stack up when compared to H&L. Not only do we provide flexible scheduling, emergency service, direct insurance billing, and 100% Free Estimates; But we also offer some of the most competitive rates around. We won’t try and balloon the cost of the remediation process just because insurance is footing the bill. In fact, to the contrary we are recommended by several large insurance companies throughout the bay area!

Give us a call today! We have the tools, adaptability and know-how to handle any size job.

At H&L Water Damage Restoration in Campbell CA we provide:

  • Fast & Honest Service
  • Free No-Obligation Estimates
  • Same Day Fast Service
  • Convenient Schedule Availability
  • We Can Also Bill Insurance Directly

 We Provide a full range of property damage restoration services including but not limited to:

Give us a call today at (408) 645-5958. The call is FREE, the estimate is FREE, and there are NO OBLIGATIONS. We’re really here to help!

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    Know Your Options, You're In Control!

    Did you know that you DO NOT need to open a claim to have work begin?

    insurance-claim-formContacting your insurance company and opening a claim is not necessary to begin the process of removing water and preventing water damage from your property. The #1 priority should always be to call a professional water damage restoration company to contain the loss.  The claim process should always be dealt with in a timely manner, but it doesn’t need to nor should it be the very first step in your process.

    As a certified service provided who works on the Xactimate system it is actually very easy for your adjuster to jump in on our process and hit the ground running alongside us seamlessly. 


    You can hire any water restoration contractor you choose, no just the one your insurer refers.

    cautionThe most important thing to remember throughout this trying time is that you have choices. No doubt the most important choice you will make is hiring a water damage company as quickly as possible. Next to that is hiring the one you feel most comfortable with. While it is common for insurance provides to refer companies from a short list, we hope you’ll keep a couple of things in mind. The most important thing to note is that your insurer will refer a company to you because that provider has agreed to discount their fees for water damage services in exchange for a steady stream of business.

    What does that mean for you? Frankly, you’ll be trusting that company to perform the very complex water damage restoration process for you mainly because they’ve agreed to do it on the cheap. This in no way means they won’t do a great job we just have never had much luck in business or otherwise going with the cheapest contractor in town.


    We can and will work directly with your insurer to handle the billing & payment.

    bill-directThe simple fact is that most all water damage services are covered by insurance policies. We take it upon ourselves to put you and your home first. Assess the damage and mitigate losses. Second to that is seeking payment for services rendered. We will not allow you to be caught up in the middle of the payment process. Instead we comply with all insurance company regulations from action plan procedure, to follow up testing, to estimating in the most widely accepted software system. We will take it upon ourselves to be in constant communication with your adjuster throughout the entire process. Upon completion of the project we will submit our final statement to them and work with them directly for payment!