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Mold Removal in Mountain View CA

mold inspection

H&L Restoration is a complete property damage restoration company providing mold removal in Mountain View, CA. We operate 7 days a week and provide 24/7 emergency service in Mountain View and throughout all of Santa Clara County. Got an emergency? We are standing by right now ready and able to provide you with same day mold remediation service!

When it comes to black mold in your home or business our #1 priority is to remove quickly and safely! Our mold removal process is guaranteed to remove unsafe levels of toxic mold. If you’ve come across mold in your home or office it is highly recommended that you contact a licensed and insured mold removal company in Mountain View immediately. It just so happens you’ve come to the right place for that! With over 10 years of experience and 1,000’s of homes cleared of mold, we’d like to think we’re the experts you need to restore your property to its ideal, mold free environment.

Worried that your home may have become victim to mold growth?

Maybe you’ve noticed mold growing in bathtubs or on ceilings of your home? Perhaps you have members of your family who are constantly sick or exhibiting allergy symptoms year round? Whatever the reason is that you suspect toxic mold growth in your home it’s always best to get a second opinion by a Mountain View mold remediation company. Here at H&L Mold Removal and Remediation we provide 100% free mold inspection & removal consultation equipped with a free estimate for clean up services if needed!

Common Signs of Mold Growth:

  1. Visible signs of mold throughout your home
  2. Runny nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes especially when in certain areas or rooms of your home
  3. Skin rashes
  4. Musty, sweet, or “wet dirt” smell
  5. Water spots on ceilings, walls or floors

If you are currently experiencing any of the listed signs of mold in your home we highly recommend contacting us to help locate and remove the mold at its source. The worst thing you can do is ignore mold growth. It multiplies quickly, spreads at a rapid pace and needs very little to survive. Unchecked mold growth can kill you and your loved ones. It is not worth risking your life. Do not ignore toxic mold growth in your home.

When you call H&L Mold Removal and Remediation in Mountain View to locate and remove the mold in your home you can rest assured that you’re contacting the best in the business! We have provided 1000’s of homeowners with fast, safe, thorough and affordable mold removal in Mountain View CA.

Common Questions About Mold

Can mold grow anywhere?

Pretty much any place that is dark and damp can become victim to mold growth.

I've heard a lot about toxic black mold. Is all mold toxic to humans?

While it is true that almost all buildings and most homes will have a certain amount of mold in them because mold, like mildew, is a naturally occurring microorganism, it is untrue that all mold is dangerous. Black mold however, is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. If you suspect black mold is present in your home it is best to contact us right away.

Do certain environments help mold grow more quickly?

Whenever humidity is high and condensation and water accumulate, mold can and typically will grow. This is especially true if the area of water accumulation is dark. Did you know that mold can live off of the humidity in the air alone? Mold is the ultimate survivor and must be handled properly to prevent spreading.

Can't I just remove the mold myself?

Mildew can often times be mistaken as mold and is safe to remove on your own. Even some types of mold are non-toxic and not dangerous to humans and can removed by just about anyone. The issue arises however, when homeowners attempt to remove toxic mold types on their own. This almost always leads to mold spreading, contaminating larger areas of the home, and thus a greater exposure to toxic mold.

Did you know that the EPA recommends that any area larger than  3 x 3 feet be handled by a certified mold remediation expert?


We are available 7 days a week to discuss our mold removal and remediation service. Don’t hesitate! The call is Free and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.