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Mold Removal in Morgan Hill CA

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As the leading mold removal company in Morgan Hill Ca we here at H&L Restoration pride ourselves on our commitment to the community here. With roots in San Jose we have served the residents of Morgan Hill since our inception. H&L Restoration and Mold Removal is Morgan Hill’s go to choice for full service property damage restoration. Our highly trained and licensed mold remediation professionals operate 24/7 throughout Morgan Hill and the entire Santa Clara County. We are available for same day mold remediation service 7 days a week and for emergency dispatching for water damage, fires or other emergency property damage services!

Whether you are certain that mold growth is present in your home or are experiencing what you think might be symptoms of mold growths with no visible signs to speak of, we are here to help! Do not hesitate to give us a call at (408) 645-5958. There is a reason why H&L Restoration is the leading mold remediation company in Morgan Hill!

How Do You Know if Mold is Growing in Your Home?

  1. Naked Eye: Whether on baseboards, ceilings, basements, bathrooms, window seals, under sinks & counters mold is oftentimes easy to spot with the naked eye!
  2. Allergic Reactions: From a runny nose, to sneezing & itchy or watery eyes. Mold can cause typical “allergy” symptoms in some people.
  3. Physical Reaction: Whether it be bumps or rashes on the skin, mold can cause physical reactions in some people.
  4. Smell: Musty, sweet, or “wet dirt” smell
  5. Moisture: Water spots on ceilings, walls, floors, and/or baseboards

Far too often homeowners who are experiencing signs of mold growth hesitate to take action. Instead, they decide to “wait and see” what will transpire only to find out the hard way that mold spreads rapidly and never goes away on its own. Action must be taken to successfully and effectively remove mold from your Morgan Hill home. Do not hesitate to contact us here at H&L Restoration to locate the mold at its source and begin the mold removal & remediation process.

When you pick up the phone and dial H&L Restoration to locate and remove the mold in your home you can rest assured that we are experts, and that the job will be done right, the first time. We pride ourselves on having provided 100’s of homeowners with effective and affordable mold removal in Morgan Hill CA.

Common Questions About Mold

Where does mold grow?

Mold is very good at growing anywhere that is dark and damp. Mold excels in cool, damp areas that see little to no light. Any area of a home that gets limited sunlight and contains moisture is the perfect habitat for mold. Think inside basements, under cabinets or sinks, inside walls that have been exposed to moisture etc.

Is all mold toxic?

Simply put no not all mold is toxic. In fact, no mold types themselves are toxic, rather they are toxigenic. These means that they can produce toxins, mainly mold types mycotoxins which are extremely dangerous to come into contact with.

What sort of factors contribute to mold growth?

The major contributing factors for mold growth are moisture, or high humidity that leads to moisture build up. Mold thrives on moisture and air alone.

Can I remove the mold myself?

While some common mold types can be easily removed by a civilian, it is not recommended to do so until that mold type has been identified and verified. The EPA recommends that any mold growth greater than a 3 x 3 feet be handled by a certified mold remediation expert. If you have a mold growth of any size that needs removal or inspection we highly recommend giving us a call for a 100% free estimate for your mold removal in Morgan Hill.


We are available 7 days a week to discuss our mold removal and remediation service. Don’t hesitate! The call is Free and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.