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Mold Removal San Jose CA

mold removal

Mold growth can be a homeowners nightmare. Mold is a very serious thing and its effects not only jeopardize the integrity of a home but also the health and safety of its occupants. It can effect the respiratory system especially in small children or elderly people and lead to variety of serious health complications. Here at H &  L Restoration and Mold Removal in San Jose we pride ourselves on assessing and remediating mold growth with a speed and efficacy rate that is unmatched by other companies in Santa Clara County.

Our certified mold remediation specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle your specific situation. Mold needs moisture to grow so our first priority will always be to find the source of the problem which is usually a leak somewhere inside a home or office. After the problem is detected, we then assess the amount of damage and danger created by the mold growth and take all measurements and moisture reading to decide how bad the affected areas are.

We treat every mold removal in San Jose very seriously, handle each job with caution, and take all the necessary pre-cautions when remediating it. We do not suggest you handle mold on your own , we highly recommend you call a professional. Give us a call right away to schedule a time for a free inspection.

Mold Remediation

In San Jose CA homes, mold growth that is not correctly remediated is all but guaranteed to return. When you call on H & L Restoration and Mold Removal in San Jose to perform your homes mold remediation service you can rest assured that the contamination will be remedied effectively.

Some homeowners prefer to attempt mold removal by themselves often times leading to increased mold growth and contamination. Not understanding the proper techniques and best practices for removing and remediating mold can become a costly project. Especially if you allow mold to spread across multiple areas of your home due to poor handling. This is before we even consider mold like stachybotrys aka black mold. This type of mold is very dangerous and extremely toxic. It can cause severe health complications and should always be handled by a trained San Jose mold remediation company.

Mold Testing

Hiring a qualified mold testing company is the single most important thing you can do to begin the mold remediation process. When contacting a testing company we HIGHLY RECOMMEND not hiring a company to perform testing that ALSO does the remediation work. With so many great labs in the Northern CA/Santa Clara County area it is not hard to find a reputable mold testing company in San Jose. The reason we use a 3rd party company to test for mold here at H & L Restoration and mold remediation San Jose is to avoid the conflict of issue that arises when one company provides all of the information.

Here are H&L we pride ourselves on being one of, if not, the most highly regarded company providing mold removal in San Jose. We will match you with an equally we regarded mold inspection company and once they submit their findings of the air samples they will take in your home, we will be on site to create an action plan, give you options and deal with your insurance to make sure you get the mold remediation service you need!

Mold Removal Process

  1. Ensure Safety- All workers and occupants of the home should be dressed in proper attire as to prevent contact or inhalation of harmful mold spores.
  2. Assessment- 3 Assessments should be made during the mold removal process. One before, one during, and one after all mold has been remediated.
  3. Control- Control of cross-contamination should be made to ensure mold does not spread throughout the home.
  4. Removal- The physical removal of all mold from its source.
  5. Moisture Control- All moisture should be removed and controlled to prevent future mold growth.


We are available 7 days a week to discuss our mold removal and remediation service. Don’t hesitate! The call is Free and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.