People and properties are our priorities. 


Shannon M.

The front of my building was opened up to locate a leak.  H&L Restoration restored the walls to the condition they were in before they were opened up to remove water damage.  Todd was always on time, professional, polite and dependable.  It was a pleasure working with him.

Betty M.

H&L Restoration did an excellent job of restoring my condo after water damage to the walls and hardwood floors.  H&L was conscientious from start to finish, including photographing the layout of my living room and the damaged areas before beginning the restoration.  The photos came in handy later when a second contractor failed to re-assemble a wall heater to it’s original state.  H&L was able to produce the photos and speak to the contractor on my behalf.

Cindy R.

H & L Did an outstanding job for me.  We had a late night pipe back up that flooded the entire kitchen with dirty water, soaked all cabinets, drawers and seeped into walls and flooded the carpet too.  They came out, soaked it up, dried it out, sprayed de-germ stuff ( which they educated me about ) and got the whole problem solved promptly.    The guys were kind, hard working and communicated throughout the process.  I WILL DEFINITELY BE USING THEM AGAIN.