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House Renovation, Mold, Water Damage

How Leaky Windows & Condensation Can Cause Mold

As we transition from summer to fall and eventually into the winter months one of the more common causes of mold growth in homes in the Bay area tends to reemerged. Warm conditions inside the home coupled with cold weather outside creates condensation along windows thoughout homes and businesses alike. If those windows are not properly sealed, water will collect along sills and walls creating prime breeding environments for mold.

Windows can leak due to various reasons including poor quality installation and extreme weather. Although in Silicon Valley we usually do not have to deal with the latter. When a window begins to allow water inside from outdoors due to a leak or from condensation, the moisture build up can cause havoc. Water on wooden window sills will can begin to cause rotting in as little as a few months. From the window sill, the water damage will eventually travel to the structure if left unchecked.

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Fire, House Renovation, Smoke Damage

Top Causes of Kitchen Fires in American Homes

If you begin thinking about common causes of house fires it wouldn’t come as a surprise to most that the overwhelming majority begin in the kitchen. The #1 cause of house fires and burn injuries, kitchen fires take place in over 166,000 homes every year! The number one cause? Unattended cooking equipment. For most, this means a frying pan left on a burner that got too hot, or an oven or broiler left on too long. In this post we will outline some common sense precautions every homeowner can take to greatly reduce the risk of a potentially deadly fire in your home.

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