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Black Water

Black Water

5 Common Causes of Residential Water Damage

Owning a home comes with a large set of responsibilities. Aside from the financial obligations such as the mortgage and property tax, there are a great deal of maintenance and upkeep items that must be performed to ensure your home is kept in peak condition. Then, depending on where you live there are the natural world’s considerations; Storms, eathquakes, wind & fire.

In the State of California the leading cause of property damage to homes is water. Unlike many other states the source of water damage is typically not from the elements. Rather it is a result of failed appliances & poorly maintained plumbing systems that wreak havoc on unsuspecting homeowners. And depending on the type of insurance you may have & the deductible amount, often times homeowners are left to spend good money out of their own pockets to remedy and repair the damages incurred.

Below we have outlined 4 of the most common causes of water damage that we see in homes everyday.

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The Health Risk Associated with Flood Waters

When it comes to flooding inside a home or business, the dangers are many. From bacterial infections, to mold growth, to electrocution, there are no shortage of ways to become ill or injured. One of the most important reminders one can give themselves when dealing with flooding is that flood water will carry with it everything it has previously come into contact with. This means chemicals, raw sewage, debris, and trash are just the tip of the spear. Unknown pathogens like E. Coli, Cryptosporidium, and Cholera are a few that come to mind.  With all of the danger associated with flooding it is important to stay informed and understand how to avoid the hazards of a flooded home. Below you will find some tips to avoid them:
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Sewage Back Up Definitely Not a “DIY” Job

Sewage back up into a home or business is far and away one of the most unpleasant plumbing related issues one can experience. From the foul odor, to flooding, to seriously toxic contamination, there are no shortage of issues to consider and deal with when your sewer lines start flowing in the wrong direction! One of the biggest mistakes a home or busines owner can make when experiencing a sewage back up is to undertake the clean up by themselves. Sewage back up is definitely not a DIY project!

For starters, the overwhelmingly majority of home and business owners do not possess the necessary equipment to handle a sewer backup cleanup. The black water the you see flooding out of toilets and through drains into sinks and tubs not only smells horrendous but is also equipped with all sorts of scary toxins and hazardous waste. The likes of which can cause serious health issues if contacted without the proper gear.

If you are experiencing a sewage back up in your home, don’t waste another minute! Call your local sewage cleanup company. Your family’s health and safety are at stake!

#1 Rule of Sewage Back Up

Do not come into contact with raw sewage. The second rule of course is to not even be in the same room/general area that sewage is presen. From various health concerns to cross contamination a sewage leak can quickly turn into highly dangerous health hazard. There is a reason that ‘Black Water’ (the coined term for sewage) is classified as a category 3 toxin! Black water can contain toxigenic, and pathogenic compounds that can be harmful, and sometimes fatal to humans and animals alike!

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